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Lead Testing Services at Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY Mold Removal

Brooklyn Mold Removal conducts a lead inspection before remodeling older homes because it might contain lead-based paint. You might be planning a significant renovation of your whole house, including tearing down walls. You might be painting a bathroom and replacing the hardware. In either case, the paint in the area will likely get messed up. You and your family could get sick if lead paint chips, breaks, or falls apart. If you don’t take care of the problem, you could also face legal risks and problems when you try to sell your home. There are different ways to test for lead, and each has its purpose. Our lead professionals in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY, do lead inspections. We use different sampling techniques to check for the presence of lead and lead hazards. Homeowners can hire us to test paint, dust, soil, and water for lead.

How To Test For Lead Paint?

Lead-based paint was commonly used among American houses before it was banned in 1978. But because people used it a lot before it was banned, lead paint is still in millions of homes across the country. Luckily, lead paint that hasn’t chipped, cracked, peeled, or broken down isn’t usually dangerous. But if lead paint is disturbed, which is almost unavoidable during a home renovation, it can release lead into the air and make you sick. If you don’t remove lead paint while rebuilding, it can cause harmful lead dust. It could hurt the value of your home when you try to sell it. A home inspection is also a good idea if you plan to change your house. Things like knocking down walls and painting can stir up the lead. It can put you and your family at even more risk of getting sick from it. Economic studies have shown that it’s cheaper to test your home for lead problems than to ignore the problem. Fixing these problems can help you make a lot of money when it comes time to sell. As was already said, lead is a big problem in most old homes. You need lead inspection from Brooklyn Mold Removal. When selling your Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY property, undergo a lead inspection. It can keep you from getting into expensive legal problems in the future.

Why It's Important To Test For The Presence Of Lead Paint In Homes

In the United States, lead paint is illegal because it harms health. When remodeling, lead dust and particles are often released into the air. Lead may result in severe health issues like:

  • The harm is done to the kidneys, liver, and brain
  • Behavioral and learning problems
  • Children’s growth slowed down
  • Too much blood pressure
  • Illness and stomach pain
  • Nerve damage
  • Problems with hearing
  • Headaches
  • Fertility issues in both men and women

If you live in an older home and want to remodel it. You should have it tested at Brooklyn Mold Removal to see if it has lead paint. It protects you, your family, and construction workers from lead particles.

Professional Lead Paint Testing

Because lead is harmful, there are harsh laws about redecorating with lead paint. You could be held accountable if your job causes lead poisoning. If you need to know if there is lead in your home, contact Brooklyn Mold Removal. We’ll clean your house from mold. We can get the proper permits and hire us, certified by the EPA, to remove lead-based paint.

Home Lead Testing

It is much cheaper and easier to have your home inspected and tested for lead than buying a new one. Before starting a home remodel, then deal with the risks of not testing. Sometimes we can fix the problem by painting over the old paint. In other cases, you may need to call in a professional like Brooklyn Mold Removal. In either case, figuring out the problem will save you a lot of stress and trouble. It’s already stressful enough to remodel your home. Protect your health, your family’s health, and any workers you hire. You can buy lead-paint test kits at hardware stores, which is an excellent first step. It’s also quick and easy to have a professional test your paint for any traces of lead.

Lead and Asbestos Testing Near Me

It is stressful to think that your home might have lead sources. With the help of a lead inspection in Brooklyn Mold Removal, you can fix the problem for good. You can have peace of mind once we confirm that your home does not contain lead. Professional home inspections protect the health, safety, and property value. It also ensures you avoid legal issues. Before altering your home, take action to protect your health and safety. Make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in any unnecessary legal danger. We offer easy, professional lead testing with accurate results on the same day. Collect your sample and mail or drop it off, or have one of our experts do it for you. Contact Brooklyn Mold Removal at 347-464-0189 for more information.

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