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Local Law 31 NYC

Local Law 31 is a New York City law that requires landlords to have all painted surfaces in their buildings inspected for lead-based paint by a certified inspector or risk assessor. The rule also mandates that landlords inform renters of the findings of the examination and carry out any repairs required to reduce the risks posed by lead-based paint. Mold Removal Brooklyn NY can help landlords comply with Local Law 31 and ensure that their buildings are safe for tenants. We offer lead-based paint testing, inspection, and repair services that are designed to protect tenants from the dangers of lead poisoning.

How Local Law 31 Will Help Brooklyn Residents

Any person who owns or administers a residential property in New York City that was constructed before January 1, 1978, is required to have a risk assessor or inspector who is certified by the EPA check the property for lead-based paint by the deadline of August 9, 2020. Within the next five years, the inspection needs to take place (by August 9, 2025). An inspection needs to be carried out no later than August 9, 2021, or within a year of the child moving in, whichever comes first, if the unit is occupied by a child younger than the age of six. Any locations that are determined to contain lead-based paint are required to have the area cleaned up by a certified specialist.

Local Law 31 NYC to Inspect The Apartments Before Moving In

The term “resides” is defined by Local Law 64 of 2019, which states that the definition of the term includes spending ten or more hours per week in a dwelling unit regularly. It consists of a child who lives in the apartment as well as a youngster who is staying there for this particular time. To be considered a resident of the unit, a person must also be physically present there for a total of four hours each day, seven days a week, or more. This municipal ordinance applies to all residential units in New York City, which includes apartments, co-ops, condominiums, and single-family homes, among other types of housing. Suppose there is a person who does not fulfill the requirements of the definition of “resides” as set forth by this regional law. Provided this is the case, then the individual may still be regarded as a resident if they are named on the lease or rental agreement as the primary renter or occupant of the property.

Learn About Rights Under New Local Law 31 Lead Paint Inspections

According to Local Law 31, lead-based paint is defined as “any paint or other surface coating material containing lead in any form that is used for residential purposes.” Lead-based paint is most commonly found in older homes and buildings, as it was banned in New York City in 1960. While the presence of lead-based paint does not necessarily pose a health hazard, it can become a problem if the paint begins to chip or flake. When ingested or inhaled, lead can be poisonous, particularly for young children and pregnant women. As a result, it is vital to take steps to mitigate the risks posed by lead-based paint. Local law 31 NYC requires landlords to remove or cover any lead-based paint that is present in their rental units. In addition, tenants should be notified of the presence of lead-based paint and should take precautions to avoid contact with any chipping or flaking paint. By taking these measures, we can help to protect our families and communities from the dangers of lead exposure.

Lead And Mold Removal Experts In Brooklyn

Lead paint inspection and abatement are no joke. Timely, reliable removal of lead-based paint is essential to protecting loved ones from the health hazards posed by this toxic substance. That’s why Brooklyn Mold Removal has been providing EPA-certified lead inspection and abatement services for over many years. We’re experienced in all aspects of lead removal, from paint chip sampling and dust wipe clearance testing to complete abatement and removal. We’re also familiar with Local Law 31 compliance, so people can rest assured that their home or business is in good hands. If anyone needs assistance with lead paint inspection or abatement in NYC, contact Brooklyn Mold Removal today.

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